I'm an aspiring author, husband, and father of two living in Patterson, New York. Recently I turned a new page in the story of my life (no pun intended), publishing my first fiction novel – “The Motivator”. 

The journey toward my life’s passion has been a bit odd, realized after unleashing my personal power, separating from the limiting security of a stable corporate career. I invested twenty years of my life in various corporate Finance roles, none of which produced an ounce of the passion coursing through my soul today.

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I'm dedicated to this calling and embrace the many challenges posed by publishing written works that seek to entertain or enlighten. I can't say that I'll always write fiction, but I love a great story and have many to share. Sprinkled between the novels I write, short-stories will satisfy many whimsical ideas. I look forward to dancing with fear as my aspirations and ability develop over time.