I've spent a fair amount of time searching deep within my soul for meaning, purpose, grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with. Introspection is important, it always has been, familiarity and inner strength sprinkled with fear and vulnerability – a catalyst for all that I am or ever will be. As I venture through the craft of writing, every ounce of my being commits to its calling, an intangible grip driving me forward, faster – intoxicating – my waking thoughts and dreamscape captivated.

My journey will continue regardless of acceptance or disapproval. I write, the rest will take care of itself.

Not so surprising, my desire to write is tightly woven into my belief that energy, inspiration, and emotion should be invested in those things in your control – I write, the rest will take care of itself.

Some may see this as foolhardy, a dream of dreams, unadulterated naivety – perhaps, dreams only become reality when we do the unthinkable, the foolish, and the impossible.

I write!