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 In its simplest terms, passion can be defined as a very strong feeling about a person, place, or thing - it’s an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

The beauty of passion, from my perspective, is that it has the ability to shape our lives, change our views, or define our values. Passion can manifest itself in either/both positive or negative response. Passion is neutral in terms of good versus evil, disempowering versus enlightening. As proof, is the madman any less passionate than the romantic? The result or outcome of each characteristic will differ certainly, but do they both not embrace passion in a way that paints their life’s masterpiece? Is the person labeled “crazy” not passionate, regardless of whether we can see, feel, touch, or make sense of purpose, intent, or appropriateness? Do we as contemporary humans miss significant opportunities to feel or express passion due to concerns over social acceptance?

Passion is humanity’s lifeblood. For the painter, passion dances with each brush stroke, reenacting life on canvass. For the author, passion courses through the nervous system distilling thought and emotion into the written word. For the lover, passion reaches the depths of the human soul, embracing connection, relegating self to a much lower priority.

For me personally, being passionate means that my experiences in life, good or bad based on my rules, are authentic, palpable, intense, sensual, aromatic, surreal, and distinctive. I absolutely own the profoundness of my passion, its context, its outcome.

What does passion mean to you? I’d love to hear your comments!!